Landlord Problem Solving
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How do you handle malicious damage to property by tenants?
Whenever you rent out to tenants, you always run the risk of them damaging the property no matter how trustworthy they seem at first glance. What are best practices for handling such a situation to make it as smooth... View more
Renter Damage - Use some quick advice
Probably covered before in BP... but it's me and it's personal now ;) Ha! I've seen people say "eat the damage" and "take it outta their deposit"... wattaya think?If I don't keep part or all of my... View more
Solving the Infamous Problem: Filling a Vacancy
You own a rental property or maybe a few. You’re managing just fine as a landlord and are not ready or do not need a property manager. Your tenant just notified you they plan on moving out and it’s time to plan out... View more
Tenant not signing the lease
Hi All, I purchased a property few months back and the tenant had a month on month lease with the previous owner. After the purchase I had to immediately leave the country due to bereavement in my family. The tenant is... View more
Tenants not motivated to get vaccinated !
Hello,Covid vaccination is now currently available in my area for free and I myself wavered quite a bit before registering to get vaccinated. I initially wanted to play wait and watch but upon watching few YouTube... View more
Does the cares act help landlords that have less than 5 units?
I have a tenant who has been struggling since April 2020. I have been accommodating by allowing late payment and partial payment and have been taking some of the difference from deposit. But, does anyone know if the... View more
Tenant Parking Dispute..
So I apologize for the long question but there are multiple issues here...Issue 1) In the image below the green outline is what I believe is my property line at my Triplex, and the orange outline is the neighboring... View more
High humidity in rental home
Hi everyone, I have a problem and I'm hoping someone can help me identify a solution.  I have a single family rental home and the renters have been complaining about the walls being wet and causing a mildew/mold... View more
Commercial tenant on month to month lease
Hi I’m hoping to get some advise. I have a duplex residential with commercial space on bottom. My commercial tenant is on a month to month but hasn’t paid rent since  November 2020. He wants the rent lower (for 3... View more
tenant did not pay since last january!!!!! help me!!!
Anyone has any way to help me. My tenant moved into my house that I purchased for myself and I decided to rent for one year. Since January 2020 they have not pad me a penny. I have a pending eviction since feb 2020 but... View more
Eviction: got a court date
The tenant whom I filed an eviction last week, filed an answer. She said she was in an abusive relationship and her partner didn’t let her work or go out of the house until he was incarcerated for kidnapping and... View more
Overly sweet tenant taking over control of MF!
I am currently cohabitating as a live in landlord with two other tenants in a multi family setup. One of the tenants has been with us for quite sometime now and the the other tenant has joined us only recently. They... View more
What to do when a tenant in a lease moves out
Hello! My maintenance man was at the property today and a tenant told him that another tenant is moving out tomorrow. That person is still in a lease that lasts until this summer. If they are in fact moving out, what... View more
Whose responsibility to fix the issue?
I have a tenant reported the heating system was not working. So I scheduled an appointment with a handyman to check. But before the handyman came in, the tenant reported they don't need to fix it because they started... View more
Tips on how to transition with inherited tenants
My husband and I are closing on a duplex in Everett, WA later this month and are inheriting tenants. With COVID, how is everyone introducing themselves to tenants? Set a meeting in person or just a letter or email? I... View more
Advice Needed - Tenant Unemployed Due To COVID
Hi all, just got a message from a tenant in a house that I own, saying that his roommate had moved out on Jan 1st and that he was recently unemployed due to COVID shutdowns.  Said that he was applying for unemployment... View more
Rent By Room: one room is way colder than the rest (Denver)
Hey guys! First, thanks for your consideration, I have gotten so much help from this forum it's amazing. I have 2 rental properties in Denver Co, and I do rent by the room. one of my properties faces north and south... View more
Property Gate- Security
I am curious your thoughts on an issue I am having with a duplex rental. There is a gate at the drive way to enter the property but currently there is only a chain that closes the gate doors, over the top pole... View more
Let tenants be friends among themselves ?
I am currently cohabitating as a live in landlord with two other tenants in a multi family setup. One of the tenants has been with us for quite sometime now and the the other tenant has joined us only recently.They are... View more
Evict a tenant on a month-to-month lease
I inherited a tenant who has not paid rent since I bought the duplex in late November. The person has been living here for years and now is on a month-to-month lease. The person is also receiving free access to the... View more
Feasibility of utilizing FHA’s move in clause in Illinois
I purchased multi-family in September and one of the tenants has yet to pay rent since. I've tried my best to work with them and not push eviction on them. However, it is a evident that they have no intention of doing... View more
Refrigerator damaged when power cut to condo.
Who is responsible for the cost of replacing the refrigerator damaged when the power was cut off to a rented condo.Our tenant reported that the power to her unit was cut off at an unsecured switch next to the meter... View more
Who pays for damages??
I have an older tenant who recently had a health issue for which he needed to call paramedics. He was unable to open the door for them so they had to kick it in. Who pays for the new door. He is an inherited tenant and... View more
Unwanted Family Members
Good day everyone!  I have a situation with a property I own.   I have tenets who allowed their son and girlfriend to move in.  They contacted me about 2 months ago and said they wanted to put their son on the lease. ... View more